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Tuesday Club Night at 8 P.M. Will be held at the Plough and Harrow as the Welcome is still not open.

Please note that October club night will be the club’s A.G.M.

Please come along and make your views known, also there are a number of committee positions that will become vacant. The A.G.M. is the most important meeting of our club so please put the date in your diary.


Y Saith August 2018

AGM Tuesday 16th October Welcome Inn

Just a short note to keep everyone up to date.
Firstly a reminder that the club AGM is due at October Meeting. Please make the effort to attend
as there are important changes to take place . Hopefully we will have a new Editor for
“Y Saith”, but there will be changes to frequency and printing of the newsletter. All to be
decided by YOU THE MEMBERS at the AGM.
As I have indicated in previous newsletters, I will be standing down as Secretary. To date I am
not aware of any volunteers to replace me. This a serious issue, as without a Club Secretary
our club cannot function.
On a less serious note, I trust you have all made the most of our glorious summer to get your
Austins out on the road. My RM saloon as now finished to my satisfaction, and is a delight to
Nora and I joined Eddy and Anne Loader, together with Hereford Club member Ron Sadler,
for a very enjoyable week-end at Henly-on-Thames and Brooklands. It was my first visit to
Brooklands, and I recommend it you all. I sat in a formula One Racing Car, to drive around a
” virtual” computer generated 1930s complete Brookland circuit. Great fun, but I ended up off
the track in trees on the side of the circuit!!
Welcome to new member Harold Wilson, owner of the Port Talbot Motor Museum, which was
club night visit a while ago.
Saving the best news for last, I am pleased to announce that club member Ian Blessley is
getting married to Claire; in May 2019. It is so nice to be able to announce a member’s
forthcoming marriage. I am sure you will all join me in offering congratulations to the happy
couple. I understand one of the “Blessley Austin Sevens” will carry the Bride and Groom to
and from the church.


Chairman’s chat
Hi all, well this may be the last newsletter you have to look at in this format.  As at the club AGM that will be held at our OCTOBER club night, we will hopefully have a new Editor. As always this is your chance to have your say on how the club is going, and any ideas you may have to improve our club, and if you would like to join us on the committee you would be more than welcome. I would very much like to step down as the club Chairman, so if you fancy an interesting and rewarding post please put your name forward; you won’t be disappointed.
Well what has happened to our weather? Non stop sunshine week end after week end, so the last few weeks have been very busy for Pat, me and Ruby, and the RK. What with runs out and rallies to attend.  Beaulieu; apart from our rally; being one of the better one’s on the calendar. And a few steam shows, the last one back in August, saw Pat and myself and Ruby, having a week end away at the steam show held at Three Cocks show ground just outside of Hay on Wye Covering just under 140 enjoyable miles over the week end even if we did run out of petrol on the way home. Moral of the story, ‘always carry a can of petrol with you.’
Taken with thanks from S.H.V.R.
The new data protection rules appear to be a concern to the classic car fraternity, where by a vehicle sold with detailed and recorded history may fall foul of the legislation by passing it on to the new owner. The V5 document is no longer going to show the details of the previous keeper to comply with the law. What price history in this sanitised world we are building?