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Tuesday Club Night at 8 P.M. Will be back at the Welcome as normal

as refurbishment will be complete.



Y Saith July 2018







From M4, continue past turnining for the  Welcome Inn, Plough and Harrow is ½ mile further on your left.


Hi all, as you can see this is not our usual edition of Y Saith, but due to circumstances beyond Martin’s control he has forthwith stepped down as our Editor. I would like to thank Martin, and no doubt all club members would like to join me in thanking Martin for all the sterling work he has done as our Editor.

So our club is now in need of an Editor, this is a very important position within the club and we do need to fill it, so please give this a lot of thought. Our AGM is in October and we need someone in position by then, if not sooner, if you are interested please give John or myself a ring so we can have a chat and discuss what is involved. So in the short-term John will put a news sheet out to keep members in touch. Also in the mean time there is a dedicated page on the club web site that will contain up to date club information.

Well, the most important week end in our club year has been and gone, the club rally, as usual held at Bryngarw Park. We must be doing something right, as the whole week end was bathed in glorious sunshine. As is the norm; John organized the Saturday run out, up and over the Welsh Valleys, stopping off for a panoramic view looking over too Treorchy, this also gave a little time for our car to cool down, our RK was feeling the heat a bit.

Returning to Bryngarw, it was time for Arthur, our official rally BBQ Chef, to do his stuff. A most enjoyable night ensued, with likeminded club members putting the world to right. It was very nice to see Dell again, but unfortunately Linda was not able to accompany Dell this year. It was also nice to see Phil Staddon and his very nice Ruby this year. Phil joined us for the whole week end, I was most impressed with his” period looking tent”.

Sunday dawned bright and sunny again, and soon club member were arriving in their Sevens, and we soon had a very nice cross section of Austin Sevens on the Rally field. We were joined once again this year by the local VSCC boys, and they brought some mouth watering cars along with them. Later in the day talking too VSCC members they said they had a most enjoyable day, and so did their wives judging by the amount of plants they had bought at the estate garden centre.

All too soon the time arrived for the awards too be presented, and the raffle too be drawn,  this indicated that the Day has come to an end and it was time to pack up and make our way home.

Once again in my opinion, this was a great Club week end, and I cannot wait for next year. Thank you all for turning up and I hope you enjoyed the week end, if you could not make it this year please try and make next year, you will have a great time, meeting old friends, and making new ones.

All that is left for me to say is thanks to all the club members who helped make this year’s rally a great success.



As Stuart has said, we have lost our Club Editor, so this will be the format until  New Editor appears.

The Club’s Annual Bryngarw was held on 9th/10th June. All those present seemed to enjoy it, but personally I am still rather dissapointed by the attendance from members.

Summary of entries.

Class1. Open Austin Sevens; 8 cars, ranging from Robert Regan’s very nice 1926 Tourer to Jason Moses’s 1937 Pearl Cabriolet. I intended bringing my Nippy, but ended up with only my RM Saloon.

Ist in Class Robert Regan 1926 Austin Tourer.

2nd in Class Pam Hunt “ Miss Daisey” 1934 four seat Tourer

Class 2; Pre Ruby Saloons. 4 entries, Stuart and Pat brought their 1929 RK Saloon, instead of their Ruby, and one entry failed to turn up on the day, and  “Rocket Ronnie” our friend from the Hereford Club joined us as a late entry.

1st in Class; Clive Meredith 1932 RN Saloon.

Class 3. Ruby Saloons; 9 entries, with 1 failing to attend.

1st in Class; Ken Leverington 1934 MkI Ruby

2nd in Class; John Stevens 1934 MkI Ruby.

Class 4; Austin Seven Commercials and Specials. 1 entry, sadly the car misbehaved and failed to show. However Howard Wright and Liz made a very welcome attendance without their car.

Long Haul Award; to Austin Seven driven the longest distance to attend. Pam Hunt “Miss Daisie”.

Pam due to poor health, is unable to drive long distances, but bravely navigated for fellow Club Member Tony Phillips for the journey. Tony is the current owner of Roger Shea’s Ruby, you may remember the car as “Sir Herbert”. This is currently undergoing a major restoration, and Tony hopes to have it ready for next year’s Rally.

Dick Green Award. Harry Hales MkII Ruby

This award originated as the “Bryngarw Warden’s” choice of the Austin Seven, he would like to take home. Due to changes in the staffing of Bryngarw, the winner of the cup from the privious year, selects the current winner

In addition to our members Austin Sevens, we had a nice assortment of pre-war cars from VSCC members; including a 1923 Bentley Tourer owned by Kelvin Price, one of our club’s founding members, 1932 Lagonda Continental Tourer, 1935 Bentley 3 ½ litre Thrup and Maberly Saloon, Morris 10/4 Saloons, Talbot Tourers, Morris 8s, and other exotica.

As indicated at the start of this newsletter, we have had to change our clubnight venue.  The Welcome Inn has changed hands, and is undergoing refurbishment during July. We do not know as yet, if we as a club will have continued access to The Welcome under the New Management. So we may need to find a new venue.

For the July meeting, we will have to take our chances in the bar of the Plough and Harrow, and hopefully find a corner where we can all fit in.

For the last few weeks, I have been busy trying to put the final touches to my 1931 RM Saloon, still not satisfied with the running of the engine, which I need to have right before I sell the car.

I have also been busy trying to sort electrical problems on two of our members cars. On one, we managed to find a combined lighting/ignition switch in good condition at Singleton Park rally/autojumble. The switch is fitted, but then we encountered petrol pump problems, wich I didn’t have time to solve on the day. So I took the pump home with me, and will repair and refit as soon as possible. On the second car, an RP saloon, there is a fault that is draining the battery of charge, over a few days. I will update you on progress next edition of Y Saith.