A Comprehensive History of the Austin Seven Grasshopper.
Following on from the success of the first edition, the Authors continued to
research the cars as well as being contacted by many readers who
contributed much new information.
In the light of this extra material it was decided to review the book and so has
resulted in this expanded new edition. In doing so the opportunity has also
been taken to update significantly, where available, the post war history of the
remainingg cars up to the present day.
Following comments from many people, the book has now been published in
hardback and will be a welcome new addition to the library shelves of those
interested in sporting Sevens.
Available now at £23 collected or £26, post paid, from:
Graham Beckett, 77 All Saints’ Lane, Nettleham, Lincoln. LN2 2NJ
Please make cheques payable to: Pre War Austin Seven Club Limited.


A new yesteryear museum in Port Talbot

harold wilson

harold wilson








South Wales Austin Seven Club

Minutes of AGM 18th October 2016

Welcome Inn Llangefelach Swansea

Chairman opened meeting 20.10 hours. Twenty three members present.

Apologies for absence; Roger Turner.

Minutes of AGM 2015. Secretary read minutes. Mark Davies proposed acceptance of minutes as true record. Seconded Howard Wright. Passed unanimously.

Matters Arising. Treasurer reported Chairman is now included as signature for club cheques. The Club has purchase a Gazebo. No payment as yet to Arthur White for provision BBQ coals for Bryngarw, as no receipt/request has been submitted.

Chairman’s Report. See attachment.

Secretary’s Report. See Attachment

Correspondence; See attachment

Treasurer’s Report. Laugharne presented the accounts for 2016. These showed the Club’s finances to be very healthy, with a net income of  £955.40 for the year. Laugharne again wished to draw members’  attention to the contribution of club volunteers, who raised £295.00 though club night raffles, and sales of Bric-A-Brac at Bryngarw.

As a consequence of the surpluses in Club Finances over the last few years; Laugharne   suggested members consider ways in which members could benefit from the current   financial situation.

To this end;  he  suggested  a ”one off” reduction of £10.00 per member in club subscription renewal rates, for all current members of the club for 2017. Thus members receiving “Y Saith” electronically will pay £5.00 subscription for 2017, members  receiving  “Y Saith” by hard copy will pay £10.00 subscription for 2017.

Members should understand this reduction is for 2017 renewals only.

Harry Hales proposed acceptance of Treasurer’s Report. Seconded by Arthur White: Passed unanimously.

Nora Williams proposed acceptance of Treasurer’s suggestion to reduce subscriptions for 2017. Seconded by Jan Hales. Passed unanimously.

Chairman thanked Laugharne for his excellent work in as Club Treasurer.

Post Rally Report; See attachment.

Editors Report: Martin reported he had enjoyed his first year as Editor, but expressed his wish for greater contributions from members for articles for inclusion in “Y Saith”.

He informed the meeting that he had come to agreement for printing “Y Saith” with his employers, at a very favourable rate for the club. As a consequence he had no use for the club printer. He also informed the meeting that he no longer had room to store the printer in his new home. The meeting then discussed the future of the printer, and considering the cost of ink  cartridges  and the age of the printer, decided it was obsolete not worth keeping.

David Blessley proposed scrapping the printer.Seconded by Derek Brown. Passed unanimously.

Election of Officers; As there were no applications for Officer Posts, the incumbents agrred to continue in office.


Roger White Cup. Non committee member contributing to club activities. Gareth Davies for assistance at Bryngarw.

Mike Plgrim; sporting participation in Austin Seven. Sara White Bryngarw Driving Test.

Allen Award. Best 2016 restoration Austin Seven. No contenders.


Harry Hales raised the subject of the clubs Archives. At present Harry keeps them in his garage, but recalled that a discussion had proposed storing the Archives at the Association of Austin Seven Clubs Archive Office in Lubenham. The opinion of the meeting was that this would make inaccessable  to members. The meeting then discussed the feasibility of digitising the archives. Harry pointed out that a lot of the early archive material was in the form of Roneo printed sheets, that are very difficult to scan. Further, that technology changed so quickly, that digital storage systems quickly became obsolete.

Martin Hachhe stated that he could process these documents to a form that could be stored on “Cloud”, but was unable start this process in the immediate future.

Howard suggested the possibility of having the archive digitised professionally. He agrred to investigate the cost involved in this process. Helen Blessley suggested that if the committee thought the costs reasonable, the committee should authorise the process without awaiting the next AGM.

Club Christmas Dinner. The Atlantic Hotel has been provisionally booked for 13th December. Menus for the Christmas Meal will appear in the next “Y Saith”.

Provisional Events Calender 2017. See attachment.

Harry Hales thanked all committee members for their work throughout the year.

There being no further business, Chairman closed the meeting 21.40 hrs.