Bryngarw 2019 Summary and Prize Winners



Summary of entrants

23 Austin Sevens entries; 7 Tourers: 7 Pre Ruby Saloons: 9 Rubies.

(Three failed to attend).

12 non Austin Sevens, (six failed to attend).

2 late entries Kieran Tierney Austin A35, Kelvin Price 1927 Bentley Tourer.

Class  Awards.

Class 1 Open Austin Sevens;    1st John Turley, 1929 Mulliner Sports.

2nd Roger Pugsley, 1933  4 Seat Tourer.

Class 2 Pre Ruby Saloons.         1st   Howard Wright, 1930 RK Saloon.

2nd Clive Meredith, 1932 RN Saloon.

Class 3 Ruby Saloons.                1st John Stevens, 1934 MK1 Ruby.

2nd Graham Jones, 1936 MK11 Ruby.

Class 4 Austin Seven Commercials/Specials, No entries.

Class Q “Strangers Cup” Post 1939 cars        1st Harold Wilson, 1978 Morgan Sports.

Class R Non Austin Seven open cars pre 1934, 1st John Boswell, 1927 Talbot 14/45.

Class S Non Austin Seven open cars 1935-1945, 1st Fred Custerson, 1936 Talbot drop Head Coupe.

Class T Non Austin Seven closed cars pre 1934, 1st Richard Morgan, 1932 Morris Isis.

Class U Non Austin Seven closed cars 1935-1945, 1st John Howells, 1935 Morris 8. 

Dick Green Cup           Ian Blessley, 1930 RK Saloon.

Photo Competition      Ken Leverington.

Long Haul Award          Ian Blessley (all the way from Derby!)